LitDev Extension API

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Save and load resources to a binary file.
The resources are stored in a single file with the same name and location as the source, with extension sbres.
Resources indlude all ImageList images, all sounds played with Sound.Play, as well as optionally other files or variables.

AddFile AddText CleanTemp
ExtractFile Files Images
Load Save Sounds

Add any file to the resources to be stored.
fileName The full path to the file.
returns "SUCCESS" or "FAILED".

Add text, or may be variable (including arrays) to the resources to be stored.
text The text or a Small Basic variable to add to the resources.

Delete temporary sound files.

Extract a saved file to the current directory (Program.Directory).
fileName The filename returned by Files method.
returns "SUCCESS" or "FAILED".

Get an array of loaded files, that may be extracted with ExtractFile method.

Get an array of loaded images, pre-loaded for use with ImageList.

Load all previously saved resources from the sbres file.
ImageList and sounds are all auto loaded ready for use.
Sound files are re-created in your %temp% folder since they are required by Sound.Play.

returns "SUCCESS" or "FAILED".

Save all resource to the sbres file.
This includes all ImageList images, pre-run sounds (Sound.Play) as well as any added files or text/variables.

returns "SUCCESS" or "FAILED".

Get an array of loaded sounds, pre-loaded for use with Sound.Play.

Get an array list of all loaded text/variables.