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GraphicsWindow ScrollBars - can be used for a scrolling game.

Warning - Do not alter the GraphicsWindow size using GraphicsWindow.Width or GraphicsWindow.Height AFTER scrollbars have been added.
In this case use LDGraphicsWindow.Width and LDGraphicsWindow.Height.

For large scrolling regions see Rasterize property.

Add HorizontalScroll KeyScroll
Modify MouseScroll Rasterize
ScrollBarChanged VerticalScroll Visibility

Add Scroll Bars to the GraphicsWindow.
The input width and height are those that can be scrolled to.
A value of 0 prevents a scrollbar appearing.

width The width of the scrollable region.
height The height of the scrollable region.

Get or Set the horizontal ScrollBar position.

Set if scrollbars will move with arrow keys "True" (default) or "False".

Move scrollbars.
action Allowed actions include the following.
"PageDown", "PageUp", "PageLeft" and "PageRight"
"ScrollToTop", "ScrollToBottom", "ScrollToLeftEnd" and "ScrollToRightEnd"
"ScrollToHome", "ScrollToEnd"

Set if scrollbars will move with mouse wheel "True" (default) or "False".
Hold the shift key down to scroll horizontally with mouse wheel.

Rasterize drawables "True" (default) or "False".
When more than 100 objects are drawn (not Shapes) SmallBasic will rasterise these to an image for performance reasons.
For a very large scrollable region this will run out of memory and can be disabled here.
If it is disabled, then don't use more than 100 drawable objects.
This property should be set before LDScrollBars.Add is called.

Event when a scroll operation occurs

Get or Set the vertical ScrollBar position.

Get or Set the ScrollBars' visibility.
"True" or "False".