LitDev Extension API

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A Sound Recorder. A microphone (may be internal) is required.
System sounds can also be played (if they are set appropriately).

Asterisk Beep Exclamation
Hand MusicPlayTime Pause
Question Resume Start
Stop Tone Volume

Play system Asterisk sound.

Play system Beep sound.

Play system Exclamation sound.

Play system Hand sound.

Gets the play time for a music file.
fileName The full path of the music file e.g. "C:\Users\Public\Music\song.mp3".
returns The file play time in seconds (0 if failed).

Pause a recording.

Play system Question sound.

Resume a paused recording.

Start recording sound.

Stop and save current sound recording.
wavFile The full path to a wav file to save the recording.
The extension will be set to ".wav" if it is not already.

returns "SUCCESS" or "FAILED".

Play a system tone sound with frequency and duration.
Uses the motherboard speaker (not the sound card) and may be low quality or not available.

frequency The tone frequency (from 37 to 32767 Hz).
duration The tone duration in ms.

Change the volume of sounds.
command One of the following options to change the sound volume level.
"Up" increase volume level.
"Down" decrease volume level.
"Mute" toggle between mute and un-mute volume level.